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Art for Everyone. A festival for all audiences especially designed to celebrate and empower deaf and hard of hearing, disabled, and neurodiverse individuals to explore their creativity and enrich their lives through the arts

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Provides a free digital space for artists from around the work to exhibit their artwork.


Deaf Art Miami

A project that provides access to the arts to those that are DEAF, hard of hearing, or those that use sign language to communicate.

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Provides room and board and scholarships to those that have the desire to continue their studies and break the cycle of poverty, neglect, and abuse.


Bringing Maná

As we visit communities and bring the word of God, we cannot be indifferent to the hunger that is spiking among families, especially children and seniors.  God has shown us the need, and we have been called to assist and provide at least a meal a day in our Maná Kitchens in Isla de Coche, Achipano, Naguanagua, and Sucre.


Palabra de Lluvia

A literacy project for children and youth that include creative writing, theater, and visual arts.  Projects take place in the US and Venezuela

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